Sunday, October 20, 2013

ASA Conference - San Francisco

Helping me pack for SF

Hotel Fusion


Bair or Bear?

Ajisen Ramen - seafood (dinner)
Beard Papa - green tea eclair puff (dessert)

Sanraku Metreon (lunch)
49ner roll: lemon, salmon, mini tobiko, avocado
Inay Metreon - lumpia (lunch)
Second lunch because sushi wasn't satisfying!

Fresh Rolls - 1 chicken, 2 beef (early dinner before the airport)
The chicken tastes better despite what Yelp says!

Tout Sweet - but too full to eat anymore :(

Macarons I brought home

Why are you not allowed to take pictures 
inside Walgreens?
SF Trolley

1st Chick-Fil-A breakfast sandwich
10:30pm flight from SFO --> 7:30am Philadelphia

3 hour delay lay-over in Philadelphia
Didn't get back to Cleveland until 2:30pm!
At least the food in Philly airport wasn't incredibly overpriced.


  1. papa's are delicious. your dog is so cute. Jealous of your foodie trip. Reminds me of babes in the city.